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Why bean Affiliate Linguist?

For over 100 years the Chartered Institute of Linguists has been working for the promotion of languages, linguistsand culture.

Our motto ‘Universal Understanding’ has never been more relevant than in today’s world where people across the globe are more connected than ever and learning languages and appreciating other cultures is so important.

But we can only do this with the support of our members and those who care about languages.

Although best known for our work for translators and interpreters, we have always welcomed educators, those who use their languages in business, the professions, government, the armed forces and international organisations, and now we are keen to open our doors to all those who considerthemselves a linguist, to welcome those who are passionate about languages into our community.

By joining us as an Affiliate Linguist you are:

  • Directly supporting the work we do to promote and advocate for languages in the UK and worldwide
  • Supporting the key qualifications which qualify professional linguists and enable careers in languages
  • Visibly demonstrating your own support for and love of languages

​As an Affiliate Linguist we will ask you to support our commitment to respecting other linguists and different cultures, by following our Affiliate Linguist Code of Conduct available here.

Who is Affiliate Linguist for?

Affiliate Linguist is for those who are passionate about learning languages andfor everyone who considers themselves a linguist. Affiliate Linguists come from all backgrounds, including people who:

  • Studied languages at university but currently not using languages in a professional context
  • Have used languages in their daily work
  • Have lived in other countries and used languages working internationally
  • Are learning or maintaining a language through self-study, via Apps or online courses

Please note that the Affiliate Linguist is not a professional grade, to find out about our membership grades for practising professional linguists see the other options sectionat bottom of this page.

Benefits of joining

Joining as an Affiliate Linguist not only helps ɫtv to support and promote languages and linguists all over the world, it also helps you as a language loverto stay connected with the world of languages includingthe following benefits:

  • Joining a vibrant international community of fellow linguists
  • Access toɫtvwebinars
  • Our monthly eNewsletterwith updates from ɫtv on the world of languages and linguists
  • The digital edition ofThe Linguistmagazine sent to you every quarter
  • A dedicated logo for Affiliate Linguists - Passionate about Languages

What is the cost?

Joining is simpleand just £30 per year. You will receive an email when it is time to renew.

To become anAffiliate Linguist click here

Other options

ɫtv welcomes, supports and represents linguists in manydifferent ways and has professional membership options, with enhanced recognition, specifically for:

  • People who work as professional Translators orInterpreters (see MCIL and Chartered Linguist)
  • People who teach languages in schools, further or higher education or are language academics (see MCIL and Chartered Linguist)
  • People who usetheir languages day-to-day in their work within a professional or business environment (see Career Affiliate, MCIL and Chartered Linguist)
  • Anyone who is seeking to directly gain work or employment via the use of their languages (see Find-a-Linguist, ACIL, MCIL and Chartered Linguist)

If this sounds like you, please take a look at all our membership grades here.

We also offer free Student Affiliate membership for people in full time study and Career Affiliate membership for people who use their languages regularly in their work.